The Survival Guide To Building Your Reputation
May 17, 2016

Actionable Reputation Marketing Tips

Even with all the strategies that you put into place, there are still some remaining tips and tricks to keep in mind when focusing on online reputation management.

Here are the most popular:

  • Incorporate your company’s name as a keyword on your website.
  • This is the most important keyword you’ll have for any ORM (Online Reputation Management) strategy, and it should be used as often as possible on all of your business platforms (websites and social media platforms).

    Make sure when doing it though, that the keyword doesn’t sound forced, or that you don’t use it excessively. The former will give you an unreadable page, and the latter will be considered as keyword stuffing by the search engines and could get you flagged in Google's eyes.

      Anchor text is simply linking your keyword to another page; in the case of ORM, preferably one of your own webpages. Rather than displaying the link address we can use anchor text that is relative to the site or page the link is pointing to. Search engines love anchor text because it combines their two loves – links and keywords.