adding customer value to your business
Adding Customer Value in Your Business
January 13, 2019
new google core update june 2019
Important Information That Could Effect Your Search Rankings


While it might take a few days or weeks to feel the impact of the core algorithm update (or none at all), it's a great opportunity to focus on improving the quality of content, and engagement. Google's official guidance is to do nothing, ours is to be proactive.

We've attached our Content Quality Checklist here based on Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. You'll find our additional measures for on-page SEO, compiled it in a neat checklist to audit content quality in 5 minutes or less.

30 Point Content Checklist

This is what you'll find

Search Engine Optimization:
Is your content easily searchable? Have you implemented your Keyword Strategy as you've intended? You need to provide concise information across the entirety of your content through text, images and metadata.

Measure the relevancy of the content to the topical title, and if the content is easy to understand. Split your content into "Main" and "Supplementary" with Main Content defining the key points, and your Supplementary Content supporting each point in richer detail.

Audience Satisfaction
What feeling does your audience have when they finish reading your content? Are they satisfied? Do they feel comfortable, engaged to learn more?

Does your content put your audience's needs first? This should always be the first intent whether it's a product page, service page, educational article or blog post. It should fulfill the needs of your audience as the primary purpose.

Identify how trustworthy your content is by eliminating deceptive online behavior and being clear with who the author is.

Identify if the content is purposefully crafted to be a source of truth for the audience.

Identify what level of expertise the content requires, and if the author fulfills the required amount of expertise about the topic.

Yoiu can find the checklist here

content quality checklist