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August 26, 2016
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What is this HTTPS thingy?

Simply put HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a safety mechanism that allows your web browser or web application to connect securely with a website. HTTPS keeps your browsing safe and secure whilst HTTP does not.

Take for example things, like logging into your online banking website or paying for those, must have luxury goods with your credit card. Even supplying your details to get the latest coupon code in a form or logging to the back-end of your WordPress site. Your website requires that you have an SSL certificate for encryption. This ensures that no data is ever passed in plain text.

Why Should You Care About HTTPS?

There are actually quite a few strong reasons why website owners should care about HTTPS and should think about migrating from HTTP to HTTPS now rather than later. Google's initiative for a safer web is to get all websites to use HTTPS with other web browsers now following the idea of a more sure and safer web. As well as the new GDPR Laws coming into effect in May 2018 with more emphasis on encryption. Act now before its to late.

Security adds Trust

The biggest reason for HTTPS is it brings added security. By moving over from HTTP to HTTPS you are serving your website over an encrypted SSL/TLS connection. Which means that data and information is no longer passed in plain text. For eCommerce sites that process credit card information, this is a must-have. Its your responsibility as a business to protect your customer’s personal data.

HTTPS Helps with SEO

Google has officially said that HTTPS is a ranking factor. While it is only a small ranking factor, most of you would probably take any advantage you can get in SERPs to beat your competitors. And because of Google’s push for everyone to migrate to HTTPS, you can bet that the weight of this ranking factor will most likely increase in the future. Here is a great article on the impact of TLS/SSL on rankings.

In Summary:
Today, every website must implement SSL encryption and as an SSL Certificate provider, we advise all customers to buy SSL certificates in order to comply with the changing web security landscape.

What Type of SSL Encryption (HTTPS) Do I Need For My Website

Domain Validated
Organisation Validated
Extended Validation
Padlock Yes Yes Yes
Green Address Bar - - Yes
Validate Domain Yes Yes Yes
Validate Company - Yes Yes
Validate Address - Yes Yes
Issuance Speed 5 Minutes or Less 1- 2 Business Days 3- 4 Business Days
Underwritten Warranty $10K $1.25 Million $1.5 Million
2048-bit Encryption Yes Yes Yes

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